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Sunday, March 04, 2007

A drink of my and your youth

I love this drink - COCKTA (pronounced KOKTA). It used to be advertised as "a drink of my and your youth". It is similar to coca cola with a hint of licorice taste. Everybody loves it, especially kids. This advert took me back to my childhood.
What reminds you of the good old days?
Lilly x


Blogger sretno dijete said...

Cockta was our socialistic "response" to capitalistic coca cola...
I think it had a hint of pomegranate...not sure.
Do you remember "Traubisoda", a soft drink made from the grapes. It tasted almost like wine...

04 March, 2007 04:00  
Blogger Nathalie said...

I love your two posts, yesterday your favorite pastry, today your favorite drink.
I thought the white marks on the bread were sugar, it's amazing that it's actually salt. The reponse to obesity maybe ?
Your post about Cockta is really interesting, and so is Sretno dijete's comment. The socialist Coke? That's a good idea !

04 March, 2007 11:48  
Blogger Owen said...

Lilly, it's extraordinary, you sound just like Jazzy - I wouldn't know if I didn't know! I used to drink a fizzy drink called Corona on my way home from school, it rotted my teeth. It came in those glass bottles you hardly ever see now that had a ceramic stopper with a rubber washer that locked in place over the mouth of the bottle with a wire device attached to the bottle neck, then they changed to an ordinary metal cap.

04 March, 2007 12:34  
Blogger Dsole said...

Oh that's a colourful adverstiment!
uhm... let me think about it... :)

04 March, 2007 15:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, it`s so long time, but I can always to remember my father, when we came back from Finnish sauna on Saturdays and he gave me a apple lemonade. It was dark brown and so, so good. And I buy it still now and then just to remember those days.

04 March, 2007 17:55  
Blogger Lilly said...

Thank you all for stopping by, going down the memory lane and sharing your childhood stories.

Owen: that is a nice picture you painted of you going down the street slurping a fizzy drink. They don't make the bottles like this any more. They were quite cool.
Also, I can't access your DP. Can you send me the link please?

Mimmu - what a lovely, lovely image of your dad giving you apple lemonade on Saturdays. Thank you for sharing that story.

Sretno dijete, of course i remember Traubisoda. Your comment about our socialist response to capitalistic coca cola amused me. My friend thinks that there was a taste of cherry in Cockta. I suppose we all experience the drink differently. Thank you for stopping by!!

Nathalie and Dsole: Merci and gracias for visiting Tuzla DP. I really appreciate it.

04 March, 2007 18:58  
Blogger alice said...

In Brittany, we have "Breizh Coca", breizh means "breton", you give me an idea, i might post about it!
I remember in my grandmother's garden, the apple tree: it was forbidden to pick up the apples, but we did it of course, when the fruits were not ripe and very, very green and very, very acid. We were always ill after that but it was so good! Pleasure of the forbidden fruit, i suppose.

04 March, 2007 21:06  
Blogger photowannabe said...

Really cold A&W Root Beer in a icy frosted glass mug. Ummmm I can taste it now. Put some vanilla ice cream in it and I was in heaven..

04 March, 2007 23:14  
Blogger Kuanyin said...

I've never heard of this drink before your post--so thanks for introducing me!

04 March, 2007 23:59  
Blogger Kala said...

hmmm i guess music would remind me of my childhood - but i like the name - it sounds very funny but looks delicious

05 March, 2007 12:11  
Blogger Owen said...

Hello Lilly

Thanks for asking, but I don't have my own Photoblog. I'm too lazy, so I just take advantage of hard-working talented people like yourself and Jazzy!

05 March, 2007 16:12  

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