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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Quite street

The day the is coming to a close, everybody is indoors preparing for dinner, the day ahead or settling in front of telly. I like walking in the evening or meeting with friends. And you?
Lilly x


Anonymous John said...

Nice light and dark..... well done!

01 March, 2007 02:21  
Blogger photowannabe said...

Looks like a nice way to end the day. Good twilight shot. Its been too cold and rainy to do much besides sit in front of the telly or do my blogging.

01 March, 2007 07:19  
Anonymous kris said...

i like the focus at the lamp postt complimented with the sun down in the background, its as if i'm there :)

01 March, 2007 08:32  
Blogger Olivier said...

et à cette heure, il ne peut avoir dans la rue d'un membre des DP avec son appareil photo ;o).
Belle photo de debut de soirée.

and at this hour, it cannot have in the street of a member of the DP with his camera ;O). Beautiful photograph of beginning of evening.

01 March, 2007 12:59  
Blogger Charlie Pottins said...

I think the English word you wanted was "Quiet". It is an easy mistake to make.
But this quite a nice photograph!

"Quite" is not an easy word to define. In ordinary usage we say "It is quite warm for the time of the year", meaning - it is warm, but not too warm (actually in that use the word is not needed -one could just say "it is warm").
But in another usage, when I say "Quite right", I am saying exactly right, or "The food is not quite ready yet", I am saying it is nearly ready.
Hope that helps -I wish I could speak Bosnanski or any other language nearly as well as you use English!

01 March, 2007 16:09  

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