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Tuesday, March 13, 2007


This tree and the birdhouse are in the front yard of our country house. Our neighbour made it for us. Our parents come out on the terrace in the morning in the summer months, drink coffee and watch the mother bird bring food in for her young ones. Nature is amazing, don't you think?
Enjoy the wonderful nature in your part of the world today.
Lilly x


Blogger Kate said...

A hint of approaching warmer weather perhaps??

13 March, 2007 01:35  
Blogger Zsolt72 said...

I think a birdhouse is a great thing for everyone. Birds can find food..and we can enjoy to hear them and to see them:)

13 March, 2007 08:36  
Blogger alice said...

What sort of birds are living in this small house? Perhaps bluetits like in my garden? Here, they have already begun to make their nest!

13 March, 2007 08:45  
Blogger Olivier said...

on a tous construit enfant des maisons pour oiseaux, j'adorais cela, meme si il n'y avait pas foule pour y venir ;o) belle maisonnette, est-elle habitait ?

one built all child of the houses for birds, I adored that, same if there were not crowd to come there; is O) beautiful maisonette, lived ?

13 March, 2007 13:25  
Blogger Oya said...

It is indeed :)

13 March, 2007 17:22  
Blogger Felicia said...

So the birds have a summer & winter home too? Nature is amazing...where the nail is put in the tree looks like a human ear to me!

13 March, 2007 18:56  
Blogger photowannabe said...

I love watching the birds going about their normal lives. We had a hummingbird build a nest by our bedroom window and were priveledged to watch the whole life cycle.

13 March, 2007 19:07  

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