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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Za-Gor Te-Nay - The Spirit With the Hatchet

This graffiti is on the shopping canter above the entrance of the second hand comic shop.

Comics are very popular in B&H but peculiar thing is that the most popular are the Italian ones and a lot of them have wild west and cowboy themes.
The number one comic hero is Zagor, he lives in Darkwood, he was raised by Indians and his side kick is Mexican called Cico Ramirez Martinez… the two of them together fight evil to make the wild west better place to live in. He is the one in the middle in a red tee-shirt.

My favourite of all times is hilariously funny Alan Ford. Also the good ones are Art Spiegelman’s Maus, Asterix, Tex Willer, Commandant Mark and wolfs from Ontario… Batman, Superman... list is endless ‘cause I like comic books.

Do you love comics, what is your favourite?

Have a nice weekend.


Blogger Lisi said...

Jazzy, I'm not a comic fan but I just notice that somebody also sprayed "strip shop", wishful thinking or maybe they really hope there's one :-)

11 November, 2006 01:17  
Blogger Jazzy said...

yes Lisi there is one, just follow the arrow =)

11 November, 2006 01:26  
Blogger santy said...

how're you jazzy? I read asterix when I was a kid. And I love Tintin. In Jakarta nowadays, Japanese comics are the most popular.

11 November, 2006 05:29  
Blogger zannnie said...

hi Jazzy, I dun read comics but i admire those who can draw such interesting comics art:)

Today (11/11) i've posted the 3rd Quiz on my DP. This quiz is special with an 'extended play time'. As you've joined for the first 'Dawn or Dusk?', I thought you might wanna know the third is up;) Hope to see ya

11 November, 2006 08:02  
Blogger Olivier said...

cette boutique est vraiment magnifique. j'adore les oeuvres de Spiegelman, mais petit j'etais bibi fricotin et les pieds nickeles

this shop is really splendid. I adore works of Spiegelman, but small I was bibi fricotin and the pieds nickeles

11 November, 2006 09:39  
Blogger Kala said...

this looks like an offshoot of batman and robin! I used to collect comics but my fav is Fantastic Four, and Submariner =)

11 November, 2006 11:01  
Blogger Marie McC said...

I am old! When I was a kid, I liked Casper the Friendly Ghost, Archie and Baby Huey.

11 November, 2006 11:15  
Blogger Kris said...

great paint job! when i was younger i read a lot of japanese (dubbed with mandarin) comics. Then day dreaming about the hero etc. hahahah..so innocent.

these days, i prefer quick doses from newspapers. Garfield, kelvin n hopes etc.

ps. about your question. I checked Accra's comment box. it automaticall recognised me as "Kris" ..so ?? if you really wanna post, then choose "ohther" paste you URL . that's what i do sometimes when not lazy. or i leave out my url.

sorry essay long comment ..lol!

11 November, 2006 13:53  
Blogger Kate said...

The reflection of the tree on the right interests me.

11 November, 2006 14:17  
Blogger selana18 said...

Really like the comics and the graffities.
As Kate said I find your reflection
very interresting!

11 November, 2006 15:55  
Blogger Eric said...

Of course we had Asterix, but I'm not a big comics fan. It does seem to be an international phenomena though. Excellent photo.

11 November, 2006 19:01  
Blogger Tim Rice said...

Great photo! I don't really comics much anymore. But I do occasionally enjoy Garfied and have enjoyed in the past a religious comic called Pontius Puddle.

11 November, 2006 19:20  
Blogger DXBluey said...

Hi Jazzy,

Very cool.

My fav comic was Sandman by Neil Gamain and Dave McKean. They went on to do amazing things in movies and books... Check out Mirror Mask by Dave McKean for a visual feast...

By the way - comic strip / strip shop maybe?



11 November, 2006 19:41  
Blogger Meg Nakagawa said...

That's a very cleaver marketing thing, I say.

11 November, 2006 22:00  
Anonymous Bulevar said...

Lisi, I think that in this case Strip Shop means "Comic Book Shop"...As "Strip" means "Comic book" in Boosnian...There, One new word to learn :-)...Greetings for everyone from Canada....Great pics Jazzy...as always

14 November, 2006 04:32  
Anonymous makedo said...

my old neigbourhood again!:) love the grafiti:)

14 November, 2006 10:33  
Blogger Jazzy said...

i didn't want to translate/explain 'strip' on purpouse, left it like that just for fun, life is too serious anyway...

14 November, 2006 14:44  
Anonymous Bulevar said...

Haha...Ah sorry....Shouldnh have explained it...Should have let them Wonder! :-P

15 November, 2006 18:09  
Blogger Jazzy said...

bulevar - it's ok, don't worry yourself about that.

15 November, 2006 19:02  
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