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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

To be or not to be...

The last two posts by Kris from Szentes got me thinking of disappearing of the grocery or small family kind of shops we had on every corner just few years back. Chain stores with competitive prices forced all those small shops to close down and this one you see here is a rarity.

I’m not quite sure who is the owner now but nowadays they mostly sell bakery products and a few bits and bobs. Most likely they are closely connected or even owned by a big bakery. You have to sell lot’s of loafs of bread to justify the costs. They did sell all bread the day photo was taken =)

This shop is mostly deserted like you see in this shot and it’s hard to imagine it was buzzing with people not long ago. What a shame!


Blogger Olivier said...

j'adorais ce genre de boutique, on en trouve encore dans les villages, mais à evry il n'y en a pas, on a grand centre commercial. et de plus le dimanche le centre commercial est fermé et rien n'est ouvert à coté (pas de café, de boulangerie,ect...) c'est déprimant.

I adored this kind of shop, one still finds some in the villages, but with evry there is not, one has great shopping centre. and moreover Sunday the shopping centre is closed and nothing is opened (not coffee, of bakery, ect…) it is depressing.

08 November, 2006 05:30  
Blogger Zsolt72 said...

there is a bakery neer to my place. If I wake up too late most likely I cant get my favorite breakfast:)
Somehow I think these small stores wont disappear totally because just for a piece of bread i wont go to the huge supermarket.:)

08 November, 2006 09:57  
Blogger Kala said...

I agree its a shame because the quality of products that come out of these "mom and pop" shops are really good and they work soooo hard! The large discount warehouses like the Wal-Marts and CostCos are changing the way we shop and the quantity of products we buy - I know for myself, I can barely finish anything that I get from these places so I have to give them away. I don't know how one would stop this trend though since the larger establishments manage to purchase in quantity and for less so they can offer it for less to the consumer - hmmm interesting dilemma.

08 November, 2006 10:03  
Blogger Kris said...

i agree with Zsolt that shops such as these will stay. Basically, they offer better tasting bread then the big corps. Hopefully this one will make it!

guess what, jazzy? i was in a bakery yesterday and took almost a similar angle ;)

08 November, 2006 13:44  
Blogger Kate said...

Another advantage of the small shops is that we get to know our neighbors. Whenever possible I shop at small stores and markets, chat with the proprietors, and other customers, which reinforces a sense of community. I rarely go to Target, never to WalMart! We are missing something in our lives!

08 November, 2006 14:32  
Blogger Lisi said...

totally agree, it's store like this that is really about people and life, chain stores are, well...efficiency, but do we always have to be efficient? good post!

08 November, 2006 18:35  
Blogger Felicia said...

It is sad, we don't have so many of these stores around, unless they sell alcohol they don't make any money.

08 November, 2006 21:10  
Blogger Pod said...

such is the way of the world. it is a shame.....

09 November, 2006 08:31  

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