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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Extra hour - yuppie

In the whole Europe early Sunday morning, the clocks are going back one hour to Greenwich Mean Time, so we are all going to have an extra hour in bed. If you're interested here is an interesting article about it.

This clock is showing 'exact' time to passers by in the city centre, better known as Korzo where we all have fun.

Enjoy that extra hour wherever you are!


Blogger Pod said...

hey! you're lookin very cool in your hat and boots ;0)

29 October, 2006 00:50  
Blogger Edulabbe said...

We also changed out time in Chile, but we lost one hour of sleep... :(

Greetings from Chile

29 October, 2006 03:49  
Blogger Felicia said...

Thanks for the reminder!

29 October, 2006 07:18  
Blogger Olivier said...

superbe horloge, qui nous rapelle qu'en france on passe a l'heure d'hivers et qu'aujourd'hui on gagne une heure de sommeil.
c'est la meme chose chez toi ?

superb clock, which makes us remember that in France one passes has the hour of winters and that today one hour of sleep is gained. it is the same thing at home?

29 October, 2006 07:37  
Blogger Kim said...

Beautiful clock, and a gorgious blue sky! Here on the US West coast we call young urban professionals with more money than good sense "yuppies" so I got a kick out of seeing you use it about the time change. We will really enjoy the extra hour!

29 October, 2006 12:17  
Blogger Zsolt72 said...

knowing i can sleep one hour more I woke up at 6:00am in the morning by myself. On sunday...on the day when I earned an extra hour. Isnt is wicked?:)

29 October, 2006 13:22  
Blogger Denton said...

As Europe did we in the US also set our clocks back an hour last night (actually at 2am this morning)... As zsolt72 did I still woke up early and am using the extra hours to visit DP blogs.

29 October, 2006 14:46  
Blogger selana18 said...

Really nice capture for this special day and thanks for your interesting article.My boyfriend threw a party last night and believe this one more hour it was a gift!

29 October, 2006 15:55  
Blogger Keropok Man said...

Actually, the Singapore and West Malaysia Standard Time is permanently on daylight saving!

There's some history behind it. Too long to say it here.

29 October, 2006 16:02  
Blogger Chandrachud said...

hiya Jazzy, cool pic.. i was in Europe with friends last year... the Sunday the daylight switch happened, we had all woken up late in Amsterdam and were delighted to find that we had that extra hour for sightseeing..

29 October, 2006 18:14  
Blogger Marie McC said...

That one extra hour, I uzzzzzed it well. zzzzzz... :)

29 October, 2006 18:49  
Blogger Dina said...

We too here in malta changed hour and as most of you we also woke up at 6 today instead of 7!!!! :(

29 October, 2006 19:19  
Blogger Jazzy said...

thanks to all of you for stopping by!

i'm pleased to hear that majority of you really took advantage of that extra hour, i was awake the whole night - 'till 4.30am and when i woke up this 'morning' it wasn't as late as it should have been if it wasn't for that hour =)

29 October, 2006 19:38  
Blogger Kate said...

I awakened one hour early so it didn't do me much good! I love the clock and so clever of you to take it just before 12 o'clock!

29 October, 2006 20:53  
Blogger Annie said...

Isn't it funny how we think we got an extra hour? We are so used to thinking about time by the clock.

30 October, 2006 00:34  
Blogger Kris said...

i wanted to post the same..hehehe..but couldnt get a photo of clock in time ;)
Nice photo and post!

30 October, 2006 08:27  

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