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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Close up for Pod

Here we go again, on popular demand, you're looking at already seen graffiti from a couple of weeks back but in great detail. Great, isn't it?

Toodle pip! Pod


Blogger tut-tut said...

Wow! you've got some artists there.

15 November, 2006 00:45  
Blogger Edulabbe said...

Very nice graffiti!
Love the pig face

15 November, 2006 01:36  
Blogger Kate said...

Jazzy, I'm confused by the terms of mural and grafitti used by all of us. I always thought that a deliberate or commissioned bit of work can be classified as a mural but the unofficial addition of images on buildings, walls, etc. is grafitti. To me this looks like a mural. Am I being too concerned with labels? I've noticed this on many other blogs, too. Help me out. In any event, I like the images and the colours.

15 November, 2006 04:11  
Blogger Olivier said...

superbe, ce detail. les perroquets semblent être vivant

superb, this detail. the parrots seem to be alive

15 November, 2006 05:02  
Blogger Lisi said...

True, I share Kate's view, this is a mural, but then I think grafitti is something painted/sprayed without permission of the property owner...anywaz, this is a nice one!

15 November, 2006 05:15  
Blogger Meg Nakagawa said...

Have you posted this particular wall before? Because I've seen a child with a bird beak mask before - just recently. Wow, do you think I'm spending too much time visiting DPs?

15 November, 2006 09:47  
Blogger Zsolt72 said...

its really wonderful..usually i dont like graffities..but I like artwork. So graffities with quality are welcome:)

15 November, 2006 10:25  
Blogger zannnie said...

Nice grafitti:) In Singapore, there's hardly any...to me this is a piece of art:)

15 November, 2006 10:42  
Blogger Keropok Man said...

ooo.. they can draw really well! as zannnie said, hardly any in Singapore, any graffiti will be painted over as soon as it is discovered! haha...

15 November, 2006 14:20  
Blogger Irredento Urbanita said...

It seems a mix between and surrealism and marketing?

Greetings from Barcelona

15 November, 2006 14:49  
Blogger Jazzy said...

thanks all for taking time to stop by and for your interesting comments.

Kate, Lisi - i totally agree with you, very debatable issue about the difference between graffiti and mural?!!
graffiti is considered vandalism and it's done without the property owner's consent so i have to correct myself for calling this one graffiti because it has been done with the consent (as far as i remember)...

graffiti or mural?!… the wall art can be beautiful and very interesting like this one... no matter what, it seems we all enjoy it =)

16 November, 2006 00:17  
Blogger Kris said...

great, and love it!
somehow i'm very fascinated with graffiti :)

16 November, 2006 08:16  
Blogger Pod said...

hey jazzy - thanks for fulfilling my request! you are like a genie! i love the picture and want it on my wall. thanks also for the link!

toodle pip ;0)

17 November, 2006 00:36  
Blogger Nathalie said...

This is wonderful, and it's definitely a mural, not graffiti! Hope it's here to stay...

19 November, 2006 13:15  

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