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Sunday, July 15, 2007


Punica in Bosnian when translated means 'mother in law', full of multivitamins - if you're lucky ;)
Have a nice Sunday!


Anonymous Nathalie said...

Now that's interesting!
You'll have to explain to me why 'mother in law' is an attractive name for a juice!

Do mothers-in-law have the reputation to feed you well?

15 July, 2007 14:34  
Blogger Dsole said...

hahaha nice question Nathalie!!
I like the inteste colour there. Even it doesn't seem very healthy for me... it's a very artificial colour don't you think?

15 July, 2007 21:09  
Blogger Jazzy said...

thanx for visiting TDP! much appreciated.
i'm more curious than you two are! very intrigued by the name of the 'juice'?!?
i don't think mother in laws have any special treatment in Bosnia.

16 July, 2007 00:20  
Blogger photowannabe said...

Very intriguing Jazzy. I wonder what the answer is.

16 July, 2007 08:07  
Blogger blueboat said...

so funny! I think if a drink was called mother in law in Ireland, nobody would buy it!

19 July, 2007 21:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I alway thought "mother in law" is like poison.........cheers fm Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

24 July, 2007 06:54  

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