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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Looking up

Imagine big car park planted with these big street lights.

Interesting Madrid!


Blogger Kalyan said...

Interesting indeed...wonderfully captured shots!

12 April, 2007 17:58  
Blogger Olivier said...

Pour les paysages, il y a de plus en plus d'antennes, et c'est dommage.

tes photos de madrid sont tres belles.

For the landscapes, there are antennas more and more, and it is a pity. your photographs of Madrid are very beautiful.

12 April, 2007 18:23  
Blogger emirem said...

what is the picture of?

A stadium light?

13 April, 2007 02:39  
Blogger 8dedos said...

Diferentes espacios.



13 April, 2007 07:27  
Blogger Sally said...

Are they solar lights?

14 April, 2007 03:30  

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