City on a grain of salt. Tuzla means a place of salt and it lays on top of the salt lake. It is suspected it has been there for around 7000 years as one of the oldest places in Europe.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Let the fun begin

Hello everybody. I’m glad to tell you that I got back on Thursday night and had fabulous time in Switzerland.
Hope your holidays went well and New Year started in good spirits.

Once again I wish you all the best in the New 2007 and don’t forget along the way to be happy and have lots of fun.

I will treat you with a few photos from Switzerland, if you don’t mind?! I’m heavily breaking the house rules, but never the less I think you’ll enjoy it.

Let the fun begin.


Blogger photowannabe said...

Glad you are back. I missed your posts. This shot is so beautiful and the sky is so vivid. looking forward to other pictures.

15 January, 2007 07:44  
Blogger Olivier said...

la photo est superbe et donne envie de sauter sur ces skis.
Bon retour à Tuzla

the photograph is superb and gives desire for jumping on these skis. Good return to Tuzla

15 January, 2007 10:50  
Blogger Keropok Man said...

wow! what a beautiful scenery pix. hope you enjoyed your trip.

and big welcome back!!!

15 January, 2007 11:15  
Blogger tut-tut said...

What a great winter scene. Those spots of red really pop.

15 January, 2007 12:10  
Blogger alice said...

Welcome home, happy to read from you again and i'm waiting for more photos like this one!

15 January, 2007 12:13  
Blogger Chris & Deb said...

WOW! I'm so glad you've elected to break the house rules!
This shot is magnificent!

15 January, 2007 17:04  
Blogger Ioanna said...

Wonderful photo, has catched my eye for more than a minute, i thing i'll jump in the picture

16 January, 2007 09:54  
Blogger Pod said...

break the rules jazzy!! switzerland is one of my fave places.....tis a special place for many reasons. welcome back!

16 January, 2007 21:05  

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