City on a grain of salt. Tuzla means a place of salt and it lays on top of the salt lake. It is suspected it has been there for around 7000 years as one of the oldest places in Europe.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Theme day - Taxis

Hellooo Taxi...

Here you can see a selection of the taxis in Tuzla, you might have noticed they’re normal private cars...
Tuzla has 200 registered taxis but there’re abut 350 illegal taxis plying their trade without paying any taxes, which creates a huge problem for the legal ones who have to pay all the government charges. In a way it’s "understandable" because the employment situation is more than bad so people do whatever they can to survive.

Taxis are very cheep, most of them are running like buses, up and down the main street stopping everywhere and that would cost you the same as the bus fare which is 1KM = €0.50 or $0.70 if you deviate from the normal bus route it would cost you double 2KM or €1 or $1.40.
Taxis going from the main bus terminal to most of destinations within the city would charge you 5KM or €2.5 or $3.5. It’s not a privilege to use a taxi in Tuzla, everybody’s using them and when you get in you can expect for the taxi to stop on the next bus stop to pick up more passengers.

Have a nice Sunday.

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Blogger Denton said...

Beautiful sky and interesting story. Illegal taxies are also a problem in New York and London the last time I visited.

01 October, 2006 02:44  
Blogger Orange County Photo said...

Nice photos lately. I like the B/W yesterday.
I just spent time with a friend from Zenica. He was visiting California but will return home later this week. I love the people in your country.

01 October, 2006 05:57  
Anonymous Rudy Girón said...

I knew Antigua was not the only place with illegal taxis... Thanks for the caption.

01 October, 2006 07:48  
Blogger Olivier said...

Les problemes des taxis illegaux, malheureusement on le retrouve dans toutes les grandes villes, Paris n'y echappe pas.
Tres belle photo et ce ciel...

01 October, 2006 08:06  
Anonymous John - Melbourne said...

Well I thought taxis were really expensive right round the world. Glad to see I'm wrong! Thanks for your photo.

01 October, 2006 08:13  
Blogger ~tanty~ said...

Great shot and interesting story behind it.

01 October, 2006 09:13  
Blogger Keropok Man said...

Hmmm I should take the taxi when I visit your city the next time :-) The price sounds reasonable, unlike some cities which are so costly.

01 October, 2006 09:41  
Blogger Ham said...

Fasinatin insight. Is it dangerous to use one of thee unlicensed ones? In London, it can be.

01 October, 2006 10:32  
Blogger Eric said...

Wow that's really interesting. More illegal taxis than legal ones. I wonder if they ever fight?

01 October, 2006 10:37  
Blogger Kris said...

can one tell if the taxis their riding is legal or not? the appearance is the same?

ps. wonderful street document. Vivid blue sky!

01 October, 2006 10:39  
Blogger Jazzy said...

Denton – thank you for stopping by.

OCP – I’m glad you had some time to catch up with a friend from Zenica, thanks for stopping by.

Rudy Giron – don’t worry you’re not the only one, illegal taxis are huge problem in Tuzla, thanks for stopping by.

Olivier – thank you for your lovely comments and thanks for visiting =)

John – taxis in Tuzla are dirt cheep, very affordable – they have to survive and when the people don’t have lots of money one doesn’t have a choice, thanks for stopping by =)

Tanty – thank you.

Keropok – you’re welcome any time =)

Ham – thanks for stopping by, the illegal taxis are not dangerous at all, no difference between legal and illegal ones as far as the safety is concerned.

Eric – thanks for stopping by, yes it’s very unusual to have more illegal than legal ones, but the country’s legal system is very shaky, the laws are not enforced as they should have and high level of corruption is present in every field. I can go on and on and a normal person would be amazed actually how people are managing to survive. Legal taxis had a few strikes but with no avail as far as I know.

Kris – one can’t tell the difference between the legal and illegal one just by looking at them but legal ones have the numbers which are not prominent and they’re radio connected. I don’t know if you can see on the photo but all of them have a taxi sign on the roof and I purposefully put this photo because you can see old and new – legal and illegal. As always thanx for stopping by =)

Once again thank you all for stopping by, much appreciated.

01 October, 2006 13:21  
Blogger Jing said...

you know, even in Shanghai I ever saw the illegal taxis,not in downtown.Um...they dont use the sign to tell you that is an illegal taxi. But people who live there know how to recognize which one is available as a taxi.
Next time I maybe can take some of that illegal taxis.
nice photos!

01 October, 2006 14:31  
Blogger Kate said...

Good information; I, too, wonder if there are taxi conflicts between the two groups.

01 October, 2006 15:14  
Blogger Alex said...

Thanks for these very interesting details. It reminds me when I visited The Domican Republic Island. Besides the ride itself is somewhat dangerous over there! You'd better buckle up :-)

01 October, 2006 16:59  
Blogger Zsolt72 said...

very interesting story. When I was in Kiev I experienced there illegal "taxis" are also common. They even dont "wear" any sign on the car..actually they are just simple cars and people are standing at the corner signing with their hand and you can be sure very soon some of these "taxis" will stop to give you a cheap ride.

01 October, 2006 17:03  
Blogger kaa said...

the taxi rides are cheep.. i like the blue sky in your shot. very informative!

01 October, 2006 19:25  
Blogger Irredento Urbanita said...

Here we have illegal taxis, but some illegal taxis are more reliable than legal taxis.

Greetings from Perú

01 October, 2006 21:54  
Blogger Kim said...

This is so interesting! Wouldn't it be a great idea if the government offered amnesty to all the illegal taxis, got everyone to register, charged all taxi drivers only 1/2 what was charged before, and encouraged them to organize for standards that might increase everyone's income?

02 October, 2006 02:03  
Blogger santy said...

interesting story indeed. love the blue sky!!

02 October, 2006 04:24  
Blogger Bg anon said...

Heh, and I thought Belgrade had a problem with illegal taxis.

Good stuff.

02 October, 2006 19:07  
Blogger Felicia said...

Now I'm wondering how many illegal taxis we have here!

03 October, 2006 19:45  
Blogger Kala said...

wow cheap taxis!!! And look at the blue skies - wonderful picture!

04 October, 2006 10:11  
Anonymous Hydrocodone said...

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02 November, 2007 03:48  

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