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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Price war

I bet you can’t compete with these prices:

5 kg or 11lb of peppers are 1.5KM which is €0.75 or $1
7kg or 15lb of potatoes are 3KM which is €1.5 or $2
7kg or 15lb or onions are 3KM which is €1.5 pr $2

It’s a time when all people are making pickles, all sorts of relishes, salads... what not for the coming winter. Very delicious stuff.

Do you make similar stuff in your country?


Blogger Felicia said...

Nope, can't beat those prices! My grandmother used to make that kind of stuff. Nowdays I don't think many people do it because we can buy it at the store, kinda sad.

28 September, 2006 00:25  
Anonymous John said...

Melbourne is very multi cultural, we get all sorts of wonderful customs and recipies from other countries, and this all filters down to the everydau Aussies. Pickles, soups, stews, stuffed peppers, etc etc. Melbournes food is fanatstic. Yum Yum!

28 September, 2006 00:48  
Blogger Juggerpix said...

Ok, you win. No way could I find anything to beat those prices.

I can honestly say I never have seen a 11lb bag of peppers before.

It use to be caning pickling time for people I know, but now days, I know few who do it anymore.

28 September, 2006 04:16  
Blogger Ame said...

Hi Jazzy...I'm kind of like Felicia...convenience is key for me and my gang...just not a lot of time to spend in the kitchen...and our winters here in the Bay Area are so mild, that not much goes out of season. Guess we're lucky! ;-)

28 September, 2006 05:27  
Blogger Kris said...

what a bargain! one sack could lasts for a month or more :)
For us the most popular are cabbage and cucumber pickle..yum!

28 September, 2006 09:36  
Blogger ~tanty~ said...

Like Kris, we have cabbage and cucumber pickle here. Nice shot!

28 September, 2006 10:38  
Blogger Sarah said...

Unfortunately, I think most Americans are used to the convience of buying anything in the grocery store at any time of year.

Though I am sure that there are some people here who do canning, I never have! And I even cook at home much more than the average American.

29 September, 2006 17:59  
Blogger Seesaw said...

Good one!

29 September, 2006 22:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

very cheap potatoes, I live in Concepción, Chile, here 1 kg of potatoes are 100 pesos (US$ 0,2), it means that 7kg are US$ 1,4.

we can compete, but i'm afraid that sending the potatoes to Bosnia will increase the prices too much.

pozdrav za tebe

05 October, 2006 02:59  
Blogger Emir said...

joj, da mi je malo przenih paprika!

31 January, 2007 04:16  

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