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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dangerous Ambrozija


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Danger - exploding plants ahead"?

27 September, 2009 12:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No:-) It says: "Destroy ambrosia before blooming". It is highly allergetic plant

28 September, 2009 22:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sounds much better in Bosnian - it's ragweed in English.


Among the signs of autumn I perceive
The Roman wormwood (called by learned men
Ambrosia elatior, food for gods,
For by impartial science the humblest weed
Is as well named as is the proudest flower)
Sprinkles its yellow dust over my shoes
As I brush through the now neglected garden.
We trample under foot the food of gods
And spill their nectar in each drop of dew.
My honest shoes, fast friends that never stray
Far from my couch, thus powdered, countrified,
Bearing many a mile the marks of their adventure,
At the post-house disgrace the Gallic gloss
Of those well-dressed ones who no morning dew
Nor Roman wormwood ever have gone through,
Who never walk, but are transported rather,
For what old crime of theirs I do not gather.

Th' ambrosia of the Gods's a weed on earth,
Their nectar is the morning dew which on-
Ly our shoes taste, for they are simple folks.
'T is very fit the ambrosia of the gods
Should be a weed on earth, as nectar is
The morning dew which our shoes brush aside;
For the gods are simple folks, and we should pine upon
their humble fare.

— Henry David Thoreau, Journal, August 31, 1850

30 September, 2009 19:37  
Blogger Jazzy said...

as always thanks for stopping by!

thanks for the poem!
lovely words for such poisonous plant (if it's the same one we're talking about).

01 October, 2009 13:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's the same - the Latin name for the allergenic ragweed is Ambrosia elatior.

And as always, thanks for the pictures!

02 October, 2009 13:34  

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