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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Old poster


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sort of a mess.

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21 July, 2009 13:17  
Blogger Buck said...

I like photos like this. No one thinks to capture this image, but the place where posters are put up is almost always a place where artists visit. And it is always changing.

22 July, 2009 04:39  
Blogger Tash said...

fascinating post. nicely captured.

22 July, 2009 08:49  
Blogger BlossomFlowerGirl said...

One good thing about that board - the festival poster catches the eye. Perhaps that was the intention of the putter-upper of posters?

Sort of sad though, seeing the others, tattered and torn in the wind...forgotten.

22 July, 2009 10:06  

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