City on a grain of salt. Tuzla means a place of salt and it lays on top of the salt lake. It is suspected it has been there for around 7000 years as one of the oldest places in Europe.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

1st July 2009 Theme Day - Empty

Please follow the link the see all the emptiness around the world.
Enjoy it!!!


Blogger Jacob said...

This place looks so inviting...I'm trying to figure out why nobody is eating there...maybe you got up early in the morning before the place opened for business?

Nice theme day shot!

01 July, 2009 03:58  
Anonymous lavenderlady said...

I think Jacob is right...you must have come when no one is around. The colors are excellent...love the contrast.

01 July, 2009 06:15  
Blogger Hilda said...

It looks like a great place for some drinks (and food, of course) with friends in the evening!

01 July, 2009 12:11  
Blogger slim said...

I like the furniture of this perfectly empty establishment. Good choice!

01 July, 2009 15:22  
Anonymous Mo said...

Bet it doesn't stay empty for long

01 July, 2009 17:36  
Blogger Babooshka said...

Timing is everything. Well done.

01 July, 2009 19:30  
Blogger Tash said...

Very cheerful empty place. Happy TD!

01 July, 2009 20:41  
Anonymous Joan said...

Nice. There is room for all of us.

02 July, 2009 04:22  
Blogger J Bar said...

Good choice for emptiness.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

02 July, 2009 07:21  
Anonymous Greg said...

Great! No waiting for a table! Lets drink!

02 July, 2009 09:30  
Blogger Kitty said...

ah. Early in the morning?
I like the paving stones. It looks like a nice place to have a coffee.

02 July, 2009 14:50  
Blogger Kate said...

Like so many other "empty" posts on Theme Day, there is an aura of sadness that surrounds this place. Great shot of the place!

02 July, 2009 15:14  
Blogger Leif Hagen said...

Great EMPTY photo. I'd love to go there for lunch, coffee and/or treats with some friends. What's the best thing on the menu? It is right in the city center? Regards from EAGAN daily photo

03 July, 2009 12:55  
Blogger Yogesh Naik said...

Lovely place, and a lovely picture.. Oh I would love to be there.. !!

08 July, 2009 08:59  

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