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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

1st of April 2009 Theme Day "Yellow" Aprilili

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Blogger Jacob said...

Tweet! Good shot!

01 April, 2009 00:55  
Anonymous lachezar said...

Great Choice of a great image! Cheers!

01 April, 2009 01:47  
Blogger Babooshka said...

These are so cute, but I do want to run up to that cage anf free them all.

01 April, 2009 02:05  
Blogger Sally said...

Oh, all those Australians crammed together like that - not something we are very used to with wide open spaces!
Sydney Daily Photo

01 April, 2009 02:16  
Blogger Denton said...

Jazzy, I like your choice for theme day ... but most of all I like your pharse Aprililili. I Googled the word and found several statements like "In Serbia, after you fool someone, you say: 'Aprililili' ... "

01 April, 2009 02:43  
Blogger Kate said...

This is probably the best photo of the theme day that I've seen so far. I like the way the yellows are interspersed with the other birds.

01 April, 2009 03:45  
Blogger Priyanka Khot said...

Such pretty birds!!!

01 April, 2009 08:16  
Anonymous Irina said...

Like palette :)

01 April, 2009 10:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The person who caged them all up together in that tiny cage should be locked up themselves.

01 April, 2009 20:35  
Blogger Jazzy said...

thanks all for stopping by, much appreciated.
these colourful parrots are being sold in a pet shop hence being in cage.

01 April, 2009 21:37  
Blogger J Bar said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

02 April, 2009 01:51  
Blogger Felicia said...

Hi Jazzy! What colors on those birds! I recently saw a small flock of wild parakeets flying around town. They live in the palm trees and make quite a screech.

02 April, 2009 02:04  
Blogger J Bar said...

That's not so bad if they are finding bigger homes soon. I find it fascinating where budgies (budgerigars) are kept as pets. This is one Australian export that has reached every corner of the globe.
Sydney City and Suburbs

02 April, 2009 02:10  
Blogger Tash said...

I bet they were a talkative group. Very cute yellows.
Thx for reminding me about Aprililili. I told my mom & she was impressed that I remembered (the word) but I had to tell her that I had a reminder from Tuzla.

02 April, 2009 05:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, Jazzy, they may go to a better home but how long will they have stayed in that cage?

02 April, 2009 08:53  
Blogger GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

The top row of parakeets appears to be on alert. They are all watching you. The bottom row, couldn't be bothered!

05 April, 2009 14:52  
Blogger Leif Hagen said...

"Polly want a cracker?" Great theme day shot! Love your pictures in your blog. Where is Tuzla exactly? I'm new to CDP; I just started EAGAN daily photo. Regards from Minnesota, USA

17 May, 2009 13:53  
Blogger bathmate said...

The top row of parakeets appears to be on alert. They are all watching you. The bottom row, couldn't be bothered!i am interested about it


19 December, 2009 16:37  

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