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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Remember all who have lost their lives senselessly on the 11th.
Women of Srebrenica will have a peaceful protest in the center of the city, as every 11th day of every month.


Blogger Mike said...

Senseless is the right word. Absolutely nothing has been achieved,

11 September, 2007 19:02  
Blogger Kate said...

I was not aware of this protest. Can you explain further? Are they commemorating the victims and damning the action or protesting the war in Iraq. I'm very curious.

14 September, 2007 02:59  
Anonymous Owen said...

It makes me anxious that Srebrenica seems to be slipping into history and we are giving up the idea that Mladic and Karadzic will ever be brought to justice.

14 September, 2007 15:42  
Blogger Jazzy said...

Kate, please follow these links to learn more about Women of Srebrenica.
thanks for stopping by and taking the interest in our gruesome (recent) history.


14 September, 2007 20:49  

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