City on a grain of salt. Tuzla means a place of salt and it lays on top of the salt lake. It is suspected it has been there for around 7000 years as one of the oldest places in Europe.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

How about some cherries?

Do you prefer cherries over strawberries?


Blogger Kate said...

Nope! I definitely prefer cherries, sweet or sour. This photo is quite delightful with the spots of red among the green leaves. Are these sour cherries?

24 May, 2007 01:08  
Blogger photowannabe said...

Do I have to choose? I do love them both. I wish the cherry season lasted longer. Its not fair. Now I'm drooling.

24 May, 2007 05:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I lived in Bosnia for one year, 6 months of that in Tuzla. I fondly remember the cherry tree outside my door. My Landlady would have a bowl of them on my table every day.
What great memories!!

27 May, 2007 05:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nothing can beat picking and eating cherries from the top of the tree, at the top of a ladder under a clear blue sky!

28 May, 2007 15:30  

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